We offer individuals a personalized treatment session, or series of sessions, that is specific to them.

Whether you have a particular area that you wish to focus upon, or just want to have a general sound treatment and let the vibrations go to where they are most needed, we are here to accommodate your needs. It is not uncommon for a participant to request that we focus on one area, only to find that the vibrations have stimulated an entirely different region as well, producing pleasantly unexpected results.

Individual sessions are approximately one hour. Participants will be invited to lay on a massage table in comfortable clothing, close their eyes, relax, and reaffirm their healing intention. Various instruments, tuning forks, drums and vocal toning are used over and around the body to create the appropriate vibrations. Each session is unique. Sessions are conducted in a safe, calm, non-judgemental space and environment. They are deeply relaxing, participants will experience a calming, meditative state brought about by the vibrations of the instruments and vocal toning.

The effects of a sound session can continue to occur and present themselves in the days and weeks following the actual session. So how you feel immediately after a sound treatment is often just the tip of the iceberg. In the days following a session you may wish to be aware of any emotions, physical sensations or unusually vivid dreams that might present themselves. They may be there as a result of a shift of energy in your body that is calling for a release of stuck emotion. If something like this does comes up, I would encourage you to allow the release to occur as it presents itself (usually by sobbing, coughing, laughing, vocal howl, etc).

Individual sessions are $80 each, $150 for 2 and $215 for 3 sessions.

Payment options: cash, etransfer, or pay for your appointment now with credit card if this more convenient for you. Make a Payment