Group sound sessions (sound baths) are a wonderful way for a group of people to experience the relaxation, stress reduction and feeling of peace & tranquility that sound vibrations provide.

A sound bath is an immersive experience using sound to help bring relaxation and a meditative calming effect. During a sound bath, instruments are played such as crystal singing bowls, hand drum, chimes, and voice. Sound baths are deeply relaxing. The vibrations of the crystal singing bowls with accompanying instruments and vocal toning are calming and meditative, gently bringing the body into a relaxed state. This state of relaxation and calm can carry on for several hours after the session and well into the night and next day. Many participants report improvement in their overall mood and patience level. Others enjoy greater mental clarity and decision-making ability following a sound bath. Participants have also said that they slept much better that night.

Offer a relaxing sound bath experience for your employees or community group.

Group sound baths are generally between 45 & 60 minutes. Participants lay on a mat or blanket, close their eyes, relax, and enjoy the experience. If someone finds that laying on the floor is not comfortable, sitting in a chair or comfortably on a pillow on the floor is also fine.

Group sound baths are $80 per session. Payment options: cash, etransfer, or pay for your appointment now with credit card if this more convenient for you. Make a Payment

*Non-profit or other community organization with no budget? Contact me with the details & let's see what we can work out.

We will come to your location
All that is needed is a space that will hold the number of people in your group, where the group can be un-disturbed for the duration of the sound bath.

Consider offering a relaxing sound bath experience for your group of:
• Staff members
• Caregivers
• Families of residents in care
• Clients
• Residents
• Families of people in treatment programs
• Community members
• Your group’s members

An exceptional experience for people attending programs or working at:
• Long-term care residences
• Retirement residences
• Health recovery programs
• Community centres
• Restorative yoga classes
• Refugee centres
• Hospices
• Women’s /men’s transitional shelters
• Corporate environments
• Retreats
• Drop-in centres
• Social groups
• Your group or association
• And others…